Carer App

A care recording Android app for real-time care planning and daily notes.

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The Carer App is the mobile application of the Nourish care management software. With a focus on user experience it provides an easy way to coordinate care.

The ability to work offline while keeping all the sensitive information secure and safe is key to an application that is designed to make care management more effective, care work more satisfying, and staying in touch with loved ones simpler and more reassuring.

OUR ROLEMobile app development

SOME FEATURESOffline AccessThe ability to access and record vital information whilst caring is essential. With this in mind, the Carer App was designed to be an offline first app. This means that carers can focus on their work to provide the best level of care while the system will be available in any situation. While this is a very important feature for the Nourish product, it is only possible due to a well designed app architecture, the development of mechanisms to synchronize the mobile data with the server and the implementation of the complex business logic of the Nourish system.Customised Interactions & Personalised TimelinesThe Nourish system is based on a timeline of interactions for the people supported. Each timeline is configured depending on the care plan of each person and, since Nourish knows that every person is an individual, all the interactions are fully customisable from the organization to the person.Alerts and WarningsNourish carers can raise manual warnings of different levels to inform the team of any problems or concerns. Moreover, warnings can be automatically raised by the system if something is at risk. This allows carers to be informed and take appropriate actions, while providing managers a great tool to monitor the most priority information.Direct MessagesAllowing carers to easily communicate with each other is a must have for better care. The Carer App provides a built-in chat that can be used by cares for a variety of different things from giving information to the team to booking supervisions.Quick-Close TagsSome care management tasks like night checks or fire door checks need to be done in an efficient way. Quick-Close Tags are the answer for these tasks by allowing carers to simply tap a configured tag to record an interaction.Advanced RolesWith the Nourish system, organizations can configure permissions and functionalities for different roles. This allows users to have access to different features and have different privileges while using the Carer App. While this is a powerful tool to manage organizations, it’s also a complex challenge to an offline first application that needs to implement all the business logic needed.FilesFrom documents to photos, it’s important to provide carers with files that can give them context and information for better care. Furthermore, by letting carers record interactions with the use of photos allows them to be more accurate and provide more context. In order to do this, it was crucial to implement a secure system to download and upload files, to develop a way to store the files in the device without being accessed by other apps, to add tools that allow carers to see the files and to create mechanisms to upload the files in an offline first application.

Smartphone placed on the table with Carer app first screen

TECH STACKJava, Dagger 2, Retrofit, ORMLite, Auto Factory, Priority Job Queues, Event Bus, JUnit, Mockito, Faker, Mock Web Server, Espresso, Robolectrico

INTEGRATIONS Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Medical Devices, NFC, iBeacon, Mixpanel

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