A Loyalty Card Application for the first Portuguese Craft Microbrewery.

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Praxis is the first Portuguese craft microbrewery company. It’s based in Coimbra, the hometown of our main headquarters. They have a loyal customer base among beer enthusiasts and won multiple World Beer Awards. To reward these customers, they decided to launch a loyalty card program that would provide discounts, free drinks, and other perks.

OUR ROLEProduct market fit, product management, backend, design and mobile applications development.

CHALLENGESResearching, thinking, and implementing a loyalty program can be challenging. There are a couple of solutions already on the market, with different prices, features, and with slightly different approaches. Beyond that, there is always the alternative of building and designing a solution from scratch that gives us more flexibility but can potentially be more expensive. To define what was best for Praxis, we went through a 5 five days design sprint process where we focused firstly on understanding the problem and identifying the client's needs. We also sketched a couple of solutions and prototyped a minimum viable product (MVP) followed by user testing to gather some feedback and insights. SOLUTIONWe decided to build a digital loyalty program from scratch that enabled us to develop a very customizable and flexible solution. The system is composed of 4 main components, a backend, a back office, a customer-facing mobile application (for Android and iOS), and an application used by Praxis employees that allows them to register purchases and redeem prices for customers. We focused our efforts on building a premium UI/UX experience for Praxis customers in order to engage them with the brand but we also developed a strong base to enhance the product in the future. RESULTSThe loyalty program has been a success since its launch, allowing Praxis to achieve several business goals like increasing customer engagement and loyalty, increasing revenue, enhancing the customer experience, and also establishing the company brand. By doing a custom solution it is now possible to strengthen the program and develop new customer experiences for the future.

TECH STACKRuby on Rails, Kotlin and Swift, Hilt and Swinject, Retrofit and Alamofire, Coroutines and Combine, JUnit and XCTest framework, Espresso and XCUITest framework.

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