An ecosystem that joins elders, family, and professionals together.

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The Sioslife platform allows carers and family members to monitor the daily activities of elders in a remote way. With an ecosystem that gathers, among others, a computer, a tablet, and a web application, there is always a solution for their client needs.

OUR ROLEProduct discovery, CI/CD pipeline design, Android app development.

MAIN CHALLENGES Manage devices One of the components of the Sioslife platform is an Android tablet that is customized and shipped with a proprietary launcher in kiosk mode. This allows the Sioslife team to create a smooth and custom-made experience for elders that most of the time are not used to technology or complex user flows. Although this is crucial for the Sioslife business model, it is also complex to manage and update all the tablets that are being used on a daily basis without interrupting user flows. To overcome this challenge, we performed an extensive analysis of the existing Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) state of the art based on the Sioslife requirements and developed a proof of concept for a final solution. CI/CDIn a large ecosystem such as Sioslife, it’s crucial to automate all the repetitive tasks. This allows for saving time and resources, reduces human error, and guarantees a high-quality process that will enhance the quality of the products delivered. Our solution was based on GitHub Actions and we created multiple pipelines to automate tests, deployments, and many other tedious tasks like running static code analysis and updating dependencies.

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