A platform to manage and pay your bills.

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Billon provides a comprehensive solution for users to manage and pay their bills through a secure and compliant platform. The system automatically detects the user’s bills and delivers a simple and effective way to pay them.

OUR ROLEUI/UX Design, System architecture, native Android and iOS app development

MAIN CHALLENGES Two of the most significant challenges were guaranteeing compliance with European regulations such as GDPR and PSD2, which had just been released, and ensuring top-notch security.s PSD2The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) is a regulation that defines a set of directives for payment services in the European Union. It impacts payment applications in several ways such as requiring strong customer authentication (SCA) for electronic payments. The SCA process is used to verify the user's identity using two or more of the following elements: something that the user knows (e.g.: email and password), something that the user has (e.g.: one-time password (OTP) received by SMS) or something that the user is (e.g.: biometric data such as a fingerprint scanning).

Our solution employs a multi-layered security approach that combines a knowledge element, such as OAuth or email and password login, with a possession element, such as One-Time Passwords (OTP) delivered by SMS, or an inherence element using device biometrics. Additionally, we used specialized hardware to generate private/public key pairs and sign messages. By utilizing these security measures, we provide our users not only with a high level of protection against unauthorized access but also ensure a seamless and efficient user experience. SecuritySecurity is important for any app, but it is particularly important for an app that deals with payments and has access to user personal data. To improve the security of this financial product, we implemented several measures such as encrypting the data storage, deploying encryption at an application level, certificate pinning, code tampering prevention, anti-hooking techniques, and system integrity checks among others.

TECH STACKKotlin and Swift, Hilt and Swinject, Retrofit and Alamofire, RxJava and Combine, JUnit and XCTest framework, Espresso and XCUITest framework.

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