Firebase Test Lab Fastlane Plugin

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Test your Android Apps in the Firebase Test Lab with Fastlane.

PROBLEMIt all started when we were forced to migrate the Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) service that we were used to working with. As we were looking for alternatives, we decided to rethink our approach, give a step back and learn with this situation to have a better CI / CD solution for the future.

We knew that we wanted a free solution, this way we could have a free plan for small projects and pay as we go. But we also wanted to make sure that if we needed to migrate our service again in the future, it would be easy. So, we added another requirement: our solution shouldn’t be totally dependent on the CI / CD service.SOLUTIONWe decided to use Fastlane to automate all the needed tasks that run on the CI / CD service. Not only it solves our requirement by not depending on the used service, but we could also use it for Android and iOS Apps. Furthermore, it’s an open source platform, which is also a plus.

To run the Android instrumentation tests we decided to use the Firebase Test Lab service and that’s when this plugin came aboard. Since Fastlane didn’t have a specific action to do it, we created a plugin to meet our needs and open sourced it.

The plugin runs the Google Cloud Client under the wood and provides a very clean and simple way to configure and run the Android instrumentation tests in a wide variety of devices provided by the Firebase Test Lab.

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TECH STACKRuby, FastlaneCheck it out in the GitHub

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